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Stroke Correction

This technique helps swimmers to improve technical skill in training and it also increases speed and reduces unnecessary damage. It improves your front crawl (freestyle) technique as well.


Surfing is the new global sport which is becoming increasingly popular in India. We train you in surfing techniques and teach you safe surfing for both recreational and competitive purposes.

Sports Physiologist

Our sports physiologist monitors your athletic performance in special tests and identifies scientifically sound techniques that are suitable to your body conditions.


Our physiotherapist will assist you and diagnose if any obstacles arise in your routine. We make sure major steps have been taken regarding your health and our expertise and lifesaving guards will ensure that all safety measures are followed.

Personal Training

Our coaches engage with swimmers directly and impart personalized training through instruction, observation and feedback. We plan your progression in the training programme, keep pace with your progress and motivate you to meet greater challenges and achieve higher goals.

Fitness Training(Aqua fit)

We provide fitness training that will help you to maintain optimum form through physical exercise regimen and healthy diet. Besides giving you the body you want, fitness training also comes with benefits like self discipline, mental strength, confidence and increasing your life span.

Open Water Swimming

There is a world of difference between the swimming pool and open water swimming. We give you specialized training in open water swimming, be it in the river or the sea. Safety is of paramount importance in open water swimming and our training ensures that you not only care for your own safety but also that of others through life saving skills.

Nutritionist for Advanced Swimmers

We provide special training for advanced swimmers to help them to optimize their performance. Our nutritionist keeps pace with your training by guiding you to maintain healthy diet.