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About Us

Swimming is one of the most engaging and satisfying sports. Encouraging swimming in all sections of society is the best way to groom talent and create opportunities for achievement. With a large population base, India has huge potential for sporting achievement in this field at the national and international level. At Mangala Swimming Club, our mission is to bring the dormant talent of our youth to the fore and make swimming a passionate pursuit in society.

Our Beginning

We invite you to join in our mission in the most impactful way by supporting us financially and morally. Your generous donation will enable us to sustain our activities and carry forward our track record of over three decades in making swimming an attractive avenue for sport and fitness.

Our Mission

To be a centre of excellence in competitive swimming supporting swimmers of all ages and abilities within a professional and instructional environment.

Our Vision

To provide opportunities for all who are involved in the club to improve their skills and qualifications.


"Giving is the greatest act of Grace"