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At Mangala Swimming Club, we aim to provide expertise and specialized training in swimming. Our Training Programmes are structured to cater the all levels of abilities. We have coaches with decades of experience and are always willing to maximize one's potential and achieve a goal. We welcome people of all age groups in this training programme.


Learn to Swim(LTS) Competitive

Through our Learn To Swim (LTS) Programme we introduce the aquatic environment to beginners of all ages. The programme is designed to provide holistic aquatic education that includes building water confidence, developing good stroke technique and water safety. Private and personalized Learn To Swim sessions are available on request. We also work with K-12 schools on a year-long programme for their students. All programmes are delivered by swim instructors and supervisors certified through the Australian AustSwim Certification. We believe that every new swimmer has unique learning capabilities and apprehensions with aquatic environments. To accommodate diverse learning needs, our programmes are a skill based progression rather than a time based progression. We work with each individual to help them gain confidence in water and develop optimal stroke techniques.


For Adults

There will three levels for youngsters under Learn To Swim course. If you have basic knowledge of swimming then it is an easy task for them to pick advanced methods. For those who are not experienced, we train you with all the basic skills necessary for swimming and you will be also trained to swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke etc.


For Kids

This Programme is basically designed for kids below 7 years and above 8 years where we make your kid to be comfortable with an aquatic atmosphere. We have planned the basic schedule keeping their physical ability in mind where they get to learn fundamental skills like kickboarding, paddling arms etc. Our coach will be always assisting and guiding them to ensure desired results. They will be instructed with all the safety measures right from the beginning.


In this session we teach the trainees on how to overcome fear of water and we also guide on how to hold your breath in water. In this session all basic skills like paddling arms and kickboarding are taught.


Here we train to streamline with a front and back crawl arm. We also introduce you to flykick.


In this level we introduce you to breathing, breaststroke and fly. We demonstrate all this activities.


We train kids to swim distant levels. We conduct competitions among the trainees so that they can progress among themselves.


In this level we teach ways of improving the swimming techniques. We basically enhance your skill, increase your stamina and perfect your stroke.


We look after the daily performance of each swimmer and also help in developing nutritional requirements of swimmers. Swimmers frequently compete at state and national level.


At this level we give the trainee with individualized training. Our coaches, nutritionist and physical therapist all work together to make the trainee a pro in athletic events and actively participate in all the competitions held in national and international level.


At Mangala Swimming Club we make our trainees compete among each other. Progressively, swimming becomes highly individualized for competent swimmers. Our expert coach guides you to increase your potential in swimming and teach you all the swimming techniques.